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🇷🇺🇺🇸 The U.S. ramped up warnings of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine, with President Joe Biden saying a “false-flag” event may be underway and a top diplomat describing Moscow as moving toward an “imminent invasion.”

🏅We’re nearing the end of the Winter Games in Beijing (see each country’s medal count here). Lots of eyes have been on freestyle skier Eileen Gu, who just made Olympics history:

🌎 How did China beat out the U.S. to dominate South America? It’s a story of infrastructure and technology – and of course, cash.

😷 Hong Kong plans to test all 7.5 million residents for Covid, likely with China's help, as it battles its biggest outbreak. Officials are still deciding whether to make it mandatory.

🤌 The capitalist utopia of Singapore is grappling with keeping the rich happy — and taxing them too.

🥇 China's never enjoyed this kind of success at the Winter Olympics, and it's largely thanks to foreigners.

🪖 Joe Biden said it's still possible Russia will invade Ukraine because its troops remain in a “threatening position." The U.S. has not verified Moscow’s claims that it has withdrawn some forces.

🇭🇰 Xi Jinping called for “all necessary measures” to get Hong Kong’s virus outbreak under control, according to a state-run newspaper, an unusually direct intervention.

🛍️ Nationalism has transformed Chinese shopping habits. Data reveal how consumers are pivoting away from Western brands like Nike and Adidas — and may not return.

Hello, here’s what we’re following right now:

↕️ Markets swung after an apparent sarcastic quip by Ukraine’s president about tensions with Russia, with stocks sliding and oil rising.

⛔️ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked sweeping emergency powers to quell protests against vaccine mandates, including measures to choke off the flow of money to demonstrators.

🎢 And top hedge fund managers made $15.8 billion last year by riding volatile markets.

🏈 Just in: The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win the Super Bowl.

☎️ After a weekend call between Biden and Putin produced no breakthrough, it's the tensest week yet for governments watching Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine.

😷 What does the pandemic have in store for the world next? Don’t expect omicron to be the last variant — and don’t let your guard down, experts warn.

Hello 👋 Here’s what we’re reading right now:

💸 Investors gave $1 billion to a Singaporean’s nickel-trading company. He's accused of taking the money and skipping the nickel. Here’s the story of how so many people got swindled:

😡 Hong Kong is limiting gatherings in private places in the midst of its biggest virus outbreak. But it's facing resistance from residents distrustful of the government and tired of Covid Zero.

🐨 And the koala has officially been designated as an endangered species in Australia.